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Love always wins.

Luca’s Boutique offers Nobile Roma leather goods and Squel fine cashmere. (605) 212 2655

Made in Italy luxury goods and culture.

Nobile Roma is a made in Italy brand born in 1984 in Rome Italy. Since the beginning our products were born from the love for beauty and harmony, and the desire of a man to give women and men real products with intrinsic value needed to inspire their creative spirits and lives. That was Fabrizio Giusti

For 35 years now, Nobile Roma has been devoted to a very simple task: to produce the finest leather products known to human race. And for over 35 years we have succeeded in doing just that. In making products that are real and that will enable us to live up to our brand proposition, “love always wins”.

In addition we exclusivity carry Squel fine cashmere and we are expanding to a full line of women's and men's clothing made in Italy. Coming soon.   


Our stores are in:

Rome – Italy  | Sioux Falls, SD – USA | Chengdu – China

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