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Be Your Own Brand

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We live in an era where Brands have replaced identities. We are told by these brands help us express, communicate and realize our inner being. Is this really a valuable experience? Being told what defines us? I believe each one of us has inner potential that is waiting to be discovered and cherished! We, as beautiful and unique individuals, our “own personal brand” and we should embrace that fact. Daily, we are told we need to “buy” our brand or we need to fit the mold of what is being advertised to us! To me, true brands empower, discover, improve us as they bring out our individuality; so that we can truly be ourselves! Ultimately, being ourselves is the art of building your own brand.

For these reasons, I’ve invited Sheila Anderson to present her new book - “I.C.U. – The Comprehensive Guide to Breathing Life Back Into Your Personal Brand” – at Luca’s Boutique on Saturday May 5th, from 10:30am to 12:00pm!

I invite you to this presentation to join our conversation!


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