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Guisti Compact Travel Wallet

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March 23, 2018

Spring brings new life all around us! It truly offers a refreshing breath of air. I love this time of year for a multitude of reasons; the promise of warmer weather, the evidence of vibrant, lively colors and, of course, the opportunity to travel!

Because spring also brings new fashion to the forefront, I’d like to showcase one of my pieces. I’d like to introduce the Guisti compact travel wallet. It is designed for the on-the-go traveler. Its compartmentalized chambers organize everything in handcrafted, luxurious Italian leather that makes it perfect for credit cards, cash and coins. This sleek wallet was conceived to discreetly, yet elegantly, hold valuables during travel.  


I admit this is my new favorite item in the store (don’t tell my other pieces this, please ). The great news is that I have a variety of colors from which to select. The bad news is that these were an exclusive order. The pictured wallets are the only ones I have this season! Colors and supplies are extremely limited.   $53.00 US


I’d love to tell you more!

Please text or call me to order: 605-212-2655.

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