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Handmade Genuine Luxury

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February 1, 2018

Handmade Luxury Leather


Last week Queen City Concierge and Luca’s Boutique hosted a private event at my store. It was a social occasion that focused on our clients, in order that they (the clients) might become acquainted with one another. A big shout out of “thanks” to all who attended. Both Ashlee (owner of Queen City Concierge) and I agreed that it was a wonderful way to connect!

After the event, I began to consider my focus as a business owner and for the identity of my business. I will never surrender my love for everything “Made In Italy” because of the beauty and quality it represents! I was made in Italy! In the past two years of business, I have met a number of people who express trust in the quality of the product that carries the “Made In Italy” brand, but my store encompasses so much more! One example is the art I proudly display around the store: it is made in South Dakota.

So, I’ve been contemplating why I offer the pieces that I do. I ended up with this reason for my choice in products: Handmade Genuine Luxury. This notion conveys the humanity behind not only the crafting of these pieces, but also the humanity behind the person who uses them! Products we use should express who we are as people. Let me supply a few examples: a beautiful book is more appealing when printed on pleasing paper and a magnificent meal tastes even better when surrounded by a calm and lovely atmosphere.

Beauty can be expressed through humans and their unique ideas and abilities. I define things made with human hands in an environment that encourages individuality as “genuine.”  If a product is made under disheartening conditions or is mass produced, the product will show inferior quality and design.  These products are not made with a special love for the piece, so I feel no connection to them. I do not offer them in my store.

Ultimately, I want to offer something unique, something beautiful to you! This means I want to focus on handmade pieces. These pieces are true art, crafted with passion and patience, that transmit inspirations and experiences to you. Handmade Genuine Luxury is a vital part of my new focus. I believe it portrays luxury that is not excessive, but magnificent as it defines exceptional beauty.

I asked myself, “Who else is dedicated to Handmade Genuine Luxury?” A friend told me about Helen Wang Jewelry in Minneapolis. I spoke with Helen, another dedicated artisan, and we decided to work together. I am determined to transform Luca’s Boutique into a haven that commits to unique and genuine luxury experiences!





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