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How to customize a belt!

Here at Luca's Italian Leather Boutique we are proud to offer some of the best belts on the market, and not only are handmade and lifetime warranty but we also customize them to perfection to your needs! Here is how! We can make very small or very large belts and all in between!

This is our belt conversion chart from centimeters (length of the whole belt) to american sizes: 100cm equals size 30 | 105cm equals size 32 | 110cm equals size 34 | 115cm equals size 36 | 120cm equals size 38 | 125cm equals size 40 | 130cm equals size 42 | 135cm equals size 44 | 140cm equals size 46 | 145cm equals size 48 | 150cm equals size 50 | 155cm equals size 52 | 160cm equals size 54 | 165cm equals size 56 | 170cm equals size 58.

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