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Lesson learned from the impossible!

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 January 18, 2018


What an exciting weekend! I experienced an unforgettable football match with an unbelievable catch for a touchdown in the final seconds of the game. I know that I was not the only one on the edge of my seat watching the game, but I will never forget the excitement of that last play! The impossible became a reality and I could feel the energy of the stadium in my own living room! It invigorated me for the upcoming week!

In September 2007, I moved to Rochester, MN. As an Italian immigrant, I never experienced American football but soon found out the passion for the game through my neighbors. Due to my affection for the state of Minnesota, I’ve always considered their sporting organizations to be my “home” teams and followed them through successes and failures. Over the past 10 years of watching, I saw my fair share of trials and tribulations of these teams; including struggling years.

Where I come from, in soccer (calcio in Italian), when a team loses they are demoted to a lower category but here in the US, the teams stay in the same division.  They hope for a better season next year and continuously make adjustments to find ways to succeed. I see sports much like being a business owner.  

What I learned this past week weekend while watching this game, is that no matter how grim the situation is, the teams keep engineering, executing and evolving creative ways to move forward! The lesson is not about being right or wrong, first or last, but it is about being true to yourself to make the situation work. Success takes a lot of effort because failure looms over every decision. Failures do not define us as people, they are a vital part of the game and an important aspect of moving forward. Perseverance through these failures present ample opportunities to learn more about my actions.

Failure provides the practice I need to prepare for the opportunity to succeed. I need to be ready, I need to be rehearsed for those moments when I make that unbelievable and metamorphic “catch” to accomplish the impossible!

 Never give up!

- LP




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