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Being present

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January 3, 2018

As we said good-bye to 2017, there was much time to reflect on the failures and successes of the previous year. 


Through small triumphs I sought after larger treasures, exploring the depth of digital omnipresence and, even, over saturation of such techniques. These and other strategies, as many of you may have imagined, resulted in the finding of a fair amount of failures. These actions felt like predestined disappointments, but, fortunately, each mistake presented a valuable learning lesson.


Many moments throughout last year inspired new ideas and important decisions that led to many late nights and sometimes to a narrow focus of insignificant factors. When someone gets caught up in these moments, it overtakes him or her like love at first sight.  That passionate rush of new feelings often leads to an unawareness of the beauty that surrounds him or her. Recognizing these actions, I came to the realization that I was not living in the moment and letting these factors control my attention. A lesson that I am grateful to learn.


My goal this year is to be more present in each moment; while giving moments in the past their well-earned and deserved respect. A valuable resource given freely to us is time. Time is easily lost. To respectfully use my time, I aim to be authentic in the upcoming moments I share, not only with family and friends, but also with the people I meet each day. 


As I look at being authentic in my business, I must focus on what has invariably been the most successful and unique part of my operation: You. You are beautiful. Your appreciation of quality craftsmanship, attention detail and passion for the fine arts led you to experience Luca’s Boutique. From our handcrafted Italian Leather handbags and belts, to the ever-cozy cashmere and exquisite jackets, you’ve found your individuality here.  For this, I thank you and hope to talk to you soon.






 Photo: Flyaway Photography

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