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Luca's Boutique: Naturally dyed travel bags.

We live in the day and age of fake. Fake news. Fake facts. Fake food. Fake people. And in our industry, fake materials and colors. This is where our products clearly stand out.

In this week's vlog, you will see as our customer explores our luxurious line of travel bags. Even on the video, you can clearly see the depth of color. The richness in the hues. This is because our bags are dyed with natural products like berries, spinach, or even turmeric.

The practice of using natural products to create dyes dates back to cave painting in 15,000 BCE. With the increased use of synthetic dyes in the 20th century, natural dyeing fell by the wayside and became a niche craft. Our craftsman never abandoned the traditional methods of dyeing and the results are obvious.

Did you know that if you find a bag in one color you love but it is not the right style that we can have a bag custom crafted for you? It's true. It takes about 4 weeks for our Italian craftsmen to dye and build your unique bag, but the results are so worth it.

Stop by the store and let us know what natural color you like.

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