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The History of The Belt

The history of the belt started purely with function in mind. A prehistoric or Bronze Age man needed to carry his dagger. These belts were often made of fabric or a plant material as tanning leather with chemicals had not yet been invented.


The Romans, during their reigning empire, often wore a much larger belt higher up on the abdomen often covering the mid stomach area. Think of a weight lifting belt today. This can be highly functional in combat as well as the stomach wall can be tightened and pressurized against this wider belt making it extremely rigid.  

In medieval times the belt became more form than function. Men and women alike wore belts to be fashionable. Belts were adorned with patterns and other materials to make them beautiful. 

  During the modern military age, the belt served as both form and function. It created strong lines and a broader shoulder look in soldiers as well as served as a utility belt for tools and weaponry.  

 Throughout the ages, belts have continued to be included in form and function. They were, and sometimes still are, included in martial arts, wedding ceremony, royal garb, and professional environments. Sometimes they were worn high to accentuate a small waist or worn lower to secure pants.   We love belts. We believe that they can perfectly tie different elements of your outfit together. They can be extremely functional literally holding your pants up or fashionable worn high on the waist, seen often in women's fashion.

 Most often your belt should match your shoes and the buckle should match your jewelry.   Need help picking out the perfect belt? Need help getting the right size?

Give us a shout, we would love to help.  605-212-2655



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