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The Perfect Gift for the Perfect Lady

italy leather Made in Italy Quality

Let's be honest, it can be hard to find a gift that truly reflects how you feel about the amazing woman in your life. You've done the jewelry thing. You've even traveled a bit. This time you want to get her something that makes a statement and won't collect dust in the closet. She is classy yet practical. We think that the perfect gift is a Nobile (pronounced [nò-bi-le]) handbag. These bags are only available at our boutique and in our partner store in Rome.

Nobile handbags are handcrafted with old world techniques. They are made one at a time. Duplicates are only made if someone loves a design and requests it. The quality of craftsmanship is so amazingly apparent the second you pick up the bag. "It just feels right," is something we regularly hear.
Our craftsman, Massimo, in his shop

All of our bags say something. Some are loud and draw attention. Others are subtle, yet strong. And this truly reflects our customer base. We have been blessed with the most amazing women customers.

We encourage you to stop into the boutique this week. We know that within seconds your eye will catch the bag that is perfect for your lady. We are so excited to meet you.

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