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Why a gift from Luca's Boutique?

This holiday season, we’d love to give you some gift ideas on what to treat yourself to or give to your loved ones. We have durable, fashionable and affordable leather pieces that will make you experience luxury like never before. Here’s what Luca’s Boutique can do for you:

  1. We have bags, clothes and accessories that are enhanced with a delicate touch – You can be sure that you’ll have statement pieces that aren't produced in mass somewhere else. Pieces that are unique to match your style and fashion sense.
  2. We know that you appreciate quality and elegance - We have paid a lot of attention to the vulnerable parts of a product such as the seams of bags and clothes without sacrificing its design. You therefore don’t have to worry about wearing your new cashmere clothing repeatedly or overstuffing your bag.
  3. Delightful packaging & giveaways - We want you and your loved ones to experience joy, surprise and excitement when opening our products. An opening ceremony of your well-deserved gift.
  4. Ethical and eco-friendly items - Our leather goods are ethically sourced and we manufacture products such as keychains or a coin purse from the leather remnants that we give away when you make a purchase. This makes our production process eco-friendly and very efficient.

Luca’s Boutique takes pride in genuine leather goods made by genuine artisans and served by genuinely kind workers. Please don’t hesitate to visit our online store at www.lucas.boutique

Happy Holidays,


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