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Winter is here

How you dress during the winter determines how comfortable you will be in such cold weather. At Luca’s Boutique we are committed to healthy living and healthy lifestyles and the products in our store are primed to keep you warm and protected in the biting cold weather as you chill indoors or as you step out.  

Premium Cashmere Garments.

Luxurious, soft, warm, cozy and comfortable. These are just some of the few reasons why cashmere is one of the most sought after fabrics for winter clothing. Cashmere possesses incredible insulating capabilities and this makes it great in heat retention. In fact cashmere is three times better in heat retention and insulation than fabrics such as cotton and wool and this makes it ideal for winter wear.

At Luca’s Boutique we stock premium cashmere garments that have been tightly woven to keep you warm all day long. Our cashmere shawls and coats are soft and loose-fitting. Wrap yourself in one of these as you go about your businesses indoors and keep the cold at bay. They come in handy as you lazy around in the house watching TV as you indulge in your favorite hot beverage. Its standard soft feel embraces your entire body leaving you calm, gentle and settled.

For the working woman who has to head to work, our cashmere dresses are what you need to keep warm, stay stylish and remain professional. The creative designs to our cashmere dresses capture your femininity and allow you to step out in style. The rich cashmere fabric feels soft on your skin and sets you up perfectly to conquer the world.

Warm leather jackets.

Leather is one of the toughest and heaviest materials and this makes it great in keep cold and wind at bay. Top quality full-grain leather features a tight grain pattern that gives it the ability to resist moisture. This comes in handy when the weather gets wet when you are outdoors.

At Luca’s Boutique we stock top quality full-grain leather jackets designed to keep you warm and stylish at the same time. Ladies have a variety of beautiful pieces to choose from the stunning Auriela to the elegant Janet. Cleopatra is a simple yet stylish leather jacket that pairs well with most outfits in your wardrobe. Juliette features ruffles running along its edges and at the pockets for that woman looking to stand out from the crowd.

Men can pick the elegant Luca jacket and the thick Mountain jacket. All of them are designed to keep you warm and stylish as you head out. Throw a scarf over the jacket and keep the cold at bay.

Stay warm, stylish and protected with Luca’s Boutique premium cashmere and leather products. Visit our store at 8th Street Railroad Center's Sioux Falls or make your purchase from the comfort of your own home and have the products delivered to you by visiting our website.

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