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Determination and resilience is a quality used to define the equestrian culture. In 1956 the Australian men???s equestrian team masterminded one of the most impressive team performances at the Olympic Games. Equestrian sports have been a common feature at the Olympic Games in the 20th century but the summer games of 1956 was the first time Australia was putting together an equestrian team.

The team was represented by Captain David Wood, Wyatt ???Bunty??? Thompson, Brian Crago and Ernie Barker. They started preparations as early as 1955, moving to countries such as England and other European nations to horn their skills. By the time the games began, Australia???s equestrian team was ready to face off with other nations for sport???s biggest prize. Australia finished a respectable fourth finishing ahead of nations with better history in the equestrian sports.

This shows that anything is possible if you put your heart and soul to it and this is something that we equestrians are famous for.

This excellent bag is in made in Rome, Italy by our master artisan Massimo. It is made of 100% real saddle leather. The body is 1/4 inches thick. An excellent piece of art that imitates the bags that were used to store ammunition for hunting.

Custom orders Only. Please allow 4 weeks from the date of order for creating the bag and delivery. We will update you weekly on the status of the order.??

Very classic and upscale. Contact us for more details.

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