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Genuine leather

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the term “genuine leather”. The term is normally used to mean top quality real leather. This is the norm across Italy with the Italian laws on leather processing stipulating that for any product to qualify for the label “genuine leather” it should be made of the best quality full-grain leather that has been processed in line with the Italian laws on leather processing. These strict policy guidelines are there to protect customers from unscrupulous manufacturers who are out to exploit unsuspecting buyers.

This is not the case in other countries where there are no strict laws on leather such as those in Italy. In this countries, products qualify to use the term genuine leather even if they are made of low quality leather. Such leather is neither full-grain nor top grain leather which are of better quality. It is basically the third grade leather that is obtained after the top portion, which is used to make better quality leather such as full-grain and top-grain leather, has been shaved off. It is then processed and a fake grain applied to it to make it appear like the real deal. After all it is still leather. This is their thinking and products made of low grade leather are branded with the mark “genuine leather” and they are sold in high end stores and boutiques to unsuspecting customers and clients. Due to ignorance and a lack of understanding on the qualities of good leather, residents in these countries willingly buy these substandard leather products not knowing that they are promoting fake businesses and products.

Such products are usually cheaper than the products made of genuine top quality full-grain leather. This is another selling point of these products as people are predisposed to buy products that are cheaper and more affordable. What they are unaware of is that they are buying poor products that are not as strong and durable as the real thing. Such products get damaged after a short period of time and the user is left with the burden of having to buy the same product again. This qualifies the saying that “Cheap is Expensive”.

What makes Italian leather products special and different from the rest is the production process through which hides are subjected to before they are used to make leather items. One step that leather manufacturers in other parts of the world seem to overlook is the splitting process. This is where thick hides are sliced into small practical pieces that can easily be woven into the finished goods. Skipping this step leaves the leather heavy and the final product looking rustic.

Italian leather products may be a bit expensive than products made elsewhere but with Italian leather products you are assured of substance and quality. The term “genuine leather” on Italian products stand for top quality full-grain leather and nothing less. This is our assurance to you and our promise to deliver top quality products that will serve you for a very long time.

I should also point out that the term “genuine leather” is not necessarily used to indicate low quality leather. It can also be used to indicate any product that is made of 100% leather. This helps differentiate products made from real leather from those made of faux or synthetic leather. Top quality leather such as full-grain leather can be marketed as genuine leather, since it is real leather. Most genuine manufacturers and leather houses market their products this way not knowing that they are creating a lot of misunderstandings with the term “genuine leather”.

Customers are therefore advised to be careful before buying any leather goods. Demand to be told what type of leather is used make the product you are about to buy and if the attendant at the store seems hesitant to give you this information then you should immediately walk out of that store. By doing so you save yourself the agony of walking around in substandard products. You also protect the integrity of honest businesses that only deal with real leather products manufactured in the right way and by the right professionals such as Luca’s Boutique.